Did You Book Your Funspree For A Special Occassion? Yes. A Marriage Proposal : )

One of our favourite questions to ask our customers is:

"Did you book your Funspree for a special occasion?"

You can probably guess what many of the responses are:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Retirement Celebration
  • Anniversary Gift
  • Date Night
  • Cottage Getaways
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Weekends
  • Neighbourhood Block Party
  • etc.

A few weeks ago one of our customers, Michael Ma, gave the most exciting answer yet:

"I'm going to use the Backyard Movie Night to play a video for my girlfriend as part of my marriage proposal."

We were over the moon excited for Michael. Naturally we were eager to see how he planned to leverage the Backyard Movie Night as part of his proposal! Fortunately Michael told us that he'd hired Victor Lee Photography to capture the moment and he shared the pictures with us this week.

They. Are. Stunning.  

The best part? Nicole Argiropoulos said YES : )

Congratulations to Michael & Nicole!

credit: Victor Lee Photography (www.victorleephotography.com)

credit: Victor Lee Photography (www.victorleephotography.com)

credit: Victor Lee Photography (www.victorleephotography.com)