The 3 Mega Trends That Funspree Is Betting On

When you launch a business you're basically making a series of bets. At Funspree we're betting on 3 mega trends that we're excited to get behind:

1. Status Will Increasingly Be Defined By The Experiences We Have, Not The Things We Own

For most of human history “status” has been defined by the possessions someone owned (e.g. royalty owned more stuff than peasants). Research now suggests that owning material things takes a toll on us – whereas the experiences we enjoy are the greatest contributors to our happiness. What's the old adage? "We are the sum total of our experiences" <-- we believe that wholeheartedly.


2. The Next Generation Of Consumers Will Question Traditional Ownership Models

The next generation is opting for on-demand access to what they need when they want it - no strings attached. It allows them to experience more of what life has to offer without the burdens of ownership i.e. storage, upkeep and the repetition of doing the same stuff over and over.


 3. Collaborative Consumption Can Make A Difference To Our Planet

Think about the amount of recreational gear, electronics and general "stuff" that you accumulate and then shed year after year? You're not alone. Those consumption habits are taxing to our planet. We believe collaborative consumption can become a core principle of new and exciting business models. 

Hopefully these are bets that you're excited to rally behind as well!