Why Funspree Delivers 27x More Happiness Than Disney World (Sorry Mickey!)

Funspree Delivers 35x More Happiness Than Disney World

If someone is going to claim that they can deliver more happiness than Mickey -they better be able to back it up! Here’s our best shot:

Like many Toronto families we’ve often considered making the journey to Disney World. While doing some research we stumbled upon the influential personal finance and travel blog Money We Have. Their conservative estimate for the cost of a 1-Week Disney World Vacation for a family of 4 from Canada was $7,444 CAD. That’s over $1,000 per day!

The average cost of a 4-Day Funspree Experience is $146.50. That works out to an average cost of $36.63 per day, meaning your dollar goes almost 27X farther with Funspree on a per day basis compared to a 1-Week Disney World Vacation.

Need more convincing?

Make Memories All Year Round

It turns out you could actually rent an average Funspree experience EVERY WEEK for an ENTIRE YEAR for only 2% more than a 1-Week Disney World Vacation for a family of 4.

(*based on average cost of Funspree experience $146.5 x 52 weeks per year = $7,618 compared to $7,444 cost of 1-Week Disney World Vacation for family of 4)

Invite More Friends & Family

Are you considering taking more friends and family to Disney World? That’s going to cost ya! At Funspree many of our experiences easily scale up to more than 5+ people with no impact on cost. Invite the entire extended family over for a Backyard Movie Night. Round up all of the neighbourhood kids and host an epic game of Laser Tag. With Funspree the more the merrier.

Discover New Passions

Going to the same amusement park several days in a row might lose its luster. At Funspree we’re going to be adding new experiences throughout the year so you can sample more of what life has to offer. When is the last time you spent a few nights sleeping under the stars? Organize a Glamping trip with your favourite crew and unplug in the wild. Why not plan a beach day with your girlfriends and take turns hitting the water on Tandem Paddleboards for a moment of zen?

What’s it going to be? One week with Mickey or a memorable year with Funspree?