Cancellation Policy

You will have the ability to cancel your reservation of any Company Equipment by using the Website or emailing Funspree (at to notify Funspree of such cancellation; provided that such notification is received by Funspree any time prior to the fourteenth (14th) day before the Rental Date. Cancellation notices received between the third (3rd) and fourteenth (14th) days before the Rental Date will be subject to a $60 cancellation fee. There will be no refunds for cancellations that are received less than three (3) days before the Rental Date. In addition, Funspree reserves the right to cancel any reservation of any Company Equipment by you for any reason and in its sole discretion. Funspree shall notify you of any such cancellation. Following receipt of a notification of cancellation by you or Funspree in accordance with these Terms, Funspree shall, if applicable, return any paid Rental Fees, minus any applicable cancellation fees, to you using the Billing Information you provided and within fifteen (15) business days of receipt of such notice.

For more details on Funspree policies please review our Terms and Conditions.